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3 Best Belt Choices for Men | Custom Buckles


Our custom buckles are great for any type of belt, but with all the options to choose from, what exactly is the right belt to wear for every occasion? After making use of belt buckles to help promote your brand, it’s a good thing to make sure your custom buckles are shown off the right way. Read on to know a thing or two about men’s preferred go-to belts.


Here’s a winning combo when attending an event that requires business or evening wear: your best suit jacket, matching tie and pants, leather dress belt with a polished custom buckles, and shoes to match the color of your belt. Wear this ensemble and you’re sure to stand out in the crowd even in your formal attire. 

Additional tip: Wearing your company’s custom corporate belt buckles give you extra merit when worn during events. Classy way to impress the higher-ups!


When you’re going to the movies or simply out for some important errands, you can’t go wrong with casual belts. These usually come in the same leather material as dress belts, but can be worn with any type of jeans. Casual belts also come in different styles; you can have them rugged, braided, textured, and decorated. Now here’s the fun part: with the freedom to decorate your casual belts however you want, the types of custom buckles you can pair with them are equally endless. The sizes for your belt buckle may also be customized and come in any shape. 


Thought belts are just for formal and casual events? You can still sport your favorite accessory during summer by going for webbed belts on that summer outing you’ve been planning all year long. Opt for a preppy, effortless look by wearing a bright webbed belt adorned with a fun custom buckles – best as an accent piece to your chino shorts and breezy polo. Webbed belts are usually preferred when looking for a flash of texture to complete an outfit.

The bottomline: belts in any texture, length, thickness, or color can be upgraded with custom buckles that suit the look you are going for. Need help with a design you have in mind? Hit us up for a free buckle mockup of your personal creation!

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