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custom belt buckles

A classy and formal outfit can be pulled off by just about anyone. But to stand out among the crowd in a formal event or gathering, it takes choosing the most essential accessories that will bring out the best out of your ensemble. Whether you are going for an effortlessly cool look, or playing around with bold shades and pieces, pairing your outfit with the right accessories is the way to complete your attire. Accessories such as tie bars, watches, and belts with custom belt buckles not only add up to upgrade your look, but have their own unique functions that make them useful to wear. Here’s why these are must-haves:


Tie bars are both functional and fashionable. These tiny accessories allow you to use a subtle design that will fit right with whatever tie you wear. You don’t have to stick to the traditional gold or silver designs, however. More designers have added creative and unique twists to produce tie bars that can stand out more in an outfit. The tie bar’s function in keeping your tie wrinkle-free is enough reason for it to be an essential accessory for men.


Watches can be worn by anyone, on any occasion, and with any outfit. But the classy, elegant look that it leaves makes it a staple for formal attires. Just as casual watches are good for everyday use, fancy watches with a sleek, polished design make for a perfect accessory to match with your suit. And of course, the functionality of watches is crystal clear.


custom belt buckles

Belts function to secure or hold up clothing, such as your formal pants and dress suits. They have similar functions to suspenders and garters, but the fashion statements they leave are far different, with belts coming with custom belt buckles. Even by just choosing the right belt color can help you appear slimmer and taller, if that’s the look that you’re going for. Simply match your belt and custom belt buckle to the design and color of your shoes, and you’re good to go! Do try to invest in belts with quality accessories especially when wearing them with your corporate belt buckles to work.

At Custom Belt Buckles, we have every design that you need to upgrade your suit look. You may also use our custom buckle maker, then get a free buckle mockup to review your design as you please and come up with the best custom belt buckle for you! Chat with us today!

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