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Classy gentlemen deserve nothing less! Wear your personality with a good pair of custom cufflinks. Whether you want to feature your company’s logo, your family crest, a cheeky detail, or a personal memento, we got you covered! The possibilities are endless with custom made cuff links. Your imagination sets the limit!

The Perfect Pair of Custom Cufflinks

In choosing the perfect style and make for your cuff links, it is important to look at the details on your logo, crest, or design. Then, choose which of the following type of cufflinks will best represent your idea.

Enamel Cufflinks

These are our most popular cufflinks as they are a classic favorite. They are characterized by raised metal edges and recessed enamel color. Custom enamel cufflinks have a polished finish with the raised edges providing a textured feel. They are perfect for logos of crests with solid colors but not too tiny details.

Die Struck Cufflinks

If you want an elegant industrial look for your custom cufflinks, then choose the die struck cufflinks. The raised and recessed areas of the metal provide an embossed feel. The raised areas are usually polished while the recessed areas have a sandy texture.

Printed Cufflinks

These are characterized by colorful designs and texts and usually with a smooth resin finish. We recommend this for logos or crests that are multicolored with gradience and shading and those that have tiny colored details that cannot be done with enamel.

3D Cufflinks

3D cufflinks have multiple surface levels and angles that are perfect in showing clear depth and detail in the design. They can have either smooth or textured areas or a combination of both.

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