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Useful Tips For Wearing Belts

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Belts are some of the most essential men’s accessories. Wearing belts secured with a custom belt buckle can be worn in any occasion – with the right styling. You can show off your corporate belt buckle at work or wear it with your casual outfits for an added sense of fashion. With many options available, wearing belts that is right for you might take some thinking. But with enough knowledge and a clear idea of what look you want to achieve, styling your belts is a no-brainer. 


Belts are typically longer than your waist to do their job of holding your trousers in place. A few extra inches should be left and tucked to one side. To know the exact length that suits you, find your waist size and add an inch and a half. Wide belts are for casual wear, while narrow belts are usually for formal settings. The result is the ideal belt size that will match the occasion and look best on you.


Once you have your belt in the ideal length, this should easily work for you. A long tail at the end would make you look awkward and tightened up. Having little to no belt tail left would look loose and hard to secure. The best idea is to skip two holes at the end to leave a perfect length, just long enough to be tucked in place. 


Still confused on how to style belts? Whatever shoes you decide to wear for the day, make sure to pair your belt with the same color, material, and style. 

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