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custom belt buckles for men

Custom belt buckles for men aren’t just customizable in design. It comes in various types with different functions and looks. Every belt buckle type is unique and appropriate for specific occasions. It only goes with particular outfits or even the kind of belt you wear. So unless you want to look like a wannabe cowboy at work, do some research on the right type of belt buckle for you. 


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This started out to be commonly worn with military belts. Plate-style belt buckles are now your best choice when looking to personalize custom belt buckles for men with a specific design. They go great with casual outfits and are also easy to design as they can come in various shapes and sizes. Plate-style belt buckles are usually detachable, allowing you to switch up a tiny detail of your day-to-day look. Although worn with casual outfits, these can also serve as corporate belt buckles for men and your various clienteles.


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Frame-style belt buckles are ones you see on formal belts. These are the traditional, and oldest belt buckle design. This type still remains as the most popular type, worn both with formal and casual clothing. Frame-style belt buckles are commonly square or D-shaped, but may also occasionally be round when worn casually.


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The name comes from the box shape itself of this custom belt buckles for men, where the strap is pressed against its inside. This means that the belt does not need to have holes, as it fits right inside the hollow, metal box. The box-frame belt buckle is another military buckle for casual outfits, often used with webbed belts. 


O or D-shaped belt buckles are rings in which the belt is fastened by threading through them. This type of belt buckle may not be as customizable, but they can still make up a stylish look through the variety of belts they can be worn with: braided, webbed, or canvas belts.

Custom belt buckles continue to be a great way to add style to your casual, formal, or corporate attire. Pick the right type to make a statement with any outfit. Or better, personalize your design and work with a custom buckle maker! For other custom products, visit our partner stores:,,,,