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The History of Belt Buckles

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Custom belt buckles have become essential accessories. They are not only used for special events like rodeos, but they are also used in the corporate world. Many businesses incorporate their brand logos into a custom belt buckle to improve their company uniforms, or to commemorate special corporate events.

You might have wondered how custom belt buckles have been popularized. This post will share a brief history of belt buckles.

It was during the Roman Empire, in Ancient Greece, where buckles were first introduced. The buckles were made of metal and bone for durability and were used mainly for the military.

However, some people claim that an Italian invented the first belt buckle in the 16th Century. During this period, many people use buckles to keep their trousers from being loose. Definitely, belt buckles started off as practical and useful materials, rather than something fashionable and aesthetic as they are known today.

In the 20th Century, belt buckles became even more popular to cowboys and rodeos. The first cowboys used to wear practical pieces, but when the Civil War broke, they started using friction buckles. People have then started to design belt buckles differently – from oversized buckles to uniquely design buckles. Elvis Presley was one of the celebrities who influenced the use of stylish oversized belt buckles.

Today, belt buckles have become even more popular and even iconic. Many rodeo shows in the US use belt buckles to award their winners in rodeo championship games. Moreover, belt buckles have become great promotional products in the business industry. Many companies invest in good quality custom belt buckles to award their employees, to give away to clients, or to keep as memorabilia for special company events.

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